It's official - ECF 2020 is going fully virtual!

We are excited to announce, the 2020 Education and Career Fairs (ECF) are going to be fully virtual. This decision was reached after actively listening to the feedback from various school districts across British Columbia.

Going virtual opens a new range of opportunities for exhibitors to share information and chat online with attendees from across British Columbia AND Ontario! This year will be a milestone for ECF because in addition to launching ECF 2020 virtually for residents of British Columbia, we are also expanding by launching a virtual ECF Ontario.


The Education & Career Fair's (ECF) mission is to support the career pursuits of B.C. residents “starting from square one”.

This includes secondary students planning for higher education; young adults looking to transfer their work experience & skills to a different industry; and new immigrants seeking employment and further training to settle in Canada.

The 2019 Education & Career Fairs welcomed over 11,000 attendees and 101 exhibitors! Thank you all for your support the past 24 years, and we look forward to seeing you again in 2020!