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What’s in Your Toolkit?

Are you struggling with the question “what do I want to do when I graduate?” There are so many options available today.  Making the “right” decision can be overwhelming and even scary – how do you decide?

Resources in the Career Toolkit are designed to provide you with career-building strategies that will help you find the right career that suits you. You can research career planning resources, take a career quiz or even watch career videos.

Your Journey Begins Now…

Are you using Blueprint Builder?   Blueprint Builder is an online career planning tool that provides relevant career, education, labour market and job search resources. The tool has the ability to save and store your researched information all in one place.  Some benefits to creating a blueprint builder account are:

  • The tool is free to use
  • You don’t have to print out or try to remember information on a career that you further want to research – you can save the information you want to your Blueprint Builder account and view it later.

So how do you go about having this great tool work for you?  Easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Register
  2. 2. Build
  3. 3.View your personalized plan

Wait, there is more - are you a teacher? There are lesson plans that have been designed to support the learning objectives of B.C.’s career education curriculum. These lesson plans can help you guide your students in building their Blueprint career plan.

Who doesn’t like a bit of help?

Career Compass

With three different assessment quiz styles to choose from, upon completion of the quiz, your answers will map to 10 career possibilities that you can explore further. Take a quiz here.

Career Trek

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a Software Engineer?  Career Trek is a series of 5‑minute videos that highlight careers by interviewing real people doing the work. These videos provide an introduction to their day-to-day work life.  It is a great way to see if the career of your choice would be a fit for what you are looking for.  There are 137 videos currently in the library.  Check them out here.

Career Profiles

So hopefully now, you either A) have an idea of what direction you would like your career journey to take or B) are still researching your options and are going to take a deeper dive into the career results you received from completing Career Compass.

Did you know that there is information on 500 career profiles available?  Everything you need to know about a career all in one place – it’s a one-stop career shop where you will find information such as:

  • About the job
  • Earnings and Outlook
  • Duties
  • Work environment
  • Workforce and employment statistics
  • Job requirements
  • Work-related skills: (35) skills ranked in order of importance for a particular career.
  • Insights from industry
  • Related careers
  • Career paths and resources

High Demand Occupations

Are you worried that you are going to choose a career, complete the required education and/or training, to then find that the need for your chosen career is not in demand? While there will be job openings in all 500 occupations, High Demand Occupations are in greater demand, expected to have above-average opportunities over the next 10 years.  Utilizing the High Demand Occupation list and information as a guide can help steer your choice toward a better outcome.

Education and Training

So you have some possible career choices – what’s next? Do your career choices require specific education or training?  If yes, you will need to find out where you can obtain the credentials needed.  Instead of visiting each and every institution’s website, simply visit Education Planner to search for programs at B.C. post-secondary institutions – let the site do the research for you!

Last but not least – how are you going to pay for post-secondary education and/or training? That can be a stress in itself, but it doesn’t need to be.

You have options:

  • You may need to learn how to budget your money, such as creating and following a budget.
  • If you haven’t quite saved enough, you can get help with the cost of post-secondary education. Consider a student loan.   Did you know: You can now avail interest free B.C.-Government issued student loans?*

What else can you do to or supplement the amount you need to borrow?  Consider scholarships and grants.  Did you know that every year hundreds of scholarships and bursaries go unawarded because students didn't apply? It takes work to put together an application, but it can be worth the effort!

Another fantastic option is to earn money and gain work experience. Does your program offer co-operative education opportunity? Consider co-op; there are many benefits to adding a co-op term to your educational journey:

  • Receive paid work and gain relevant work experience.
  • Apply your classroom learning in the workplace.
  • Develop practical workplace skills and learn to market your skills to employers.
  • Build a valuable network of contacts and professional references in the field.
  • Boost your chances of landing a great job after graduation.
  • Earn money to help with your education costs.


Are you transitioning right into the work force? Start searching job boards to find your dream job.  Register for a Jobseeker account and create a customized alert to have job postings sent directly to your email as soon as they hit the job board. Have the Job Board work for you!

Don’t forget to Power Up Your Job Search for creating a relevant, professional and easy-to-read resume and cover letter.

Finally, visit Spotlight to read blog posts about the world of work and career exploration.

For more in-depth information with step-by-step assistance for effective career planning, be sure to check out the WorkBC Parents Guide, as well as the BC’s Career Guide for Indigenous People.40

And remember …   

Your career will evolve during your lifetime, and all the education and experience you collect will benefit your end result. Don’t focus on the destination, enjoy the journey!





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