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BC’s post-secondary transfer system offers a wide range of flexible pathways for students.

In BC, students benefit from a unique network known as “The BC Transfer System”. This system is the most comprehensive, well-established, flexible transfer network in Canada. This allows students to move from one institution to another and to get credit for previous coursework.

All BC Transfer System institutions “send” and “receive” transfer credit through an online “Transfer Credit System”. Their transfer agreements are listed on to help students find the route that works best for them.

What is transfer?

You “transfer” when you move from one institution to another and you get credit for courses you completed at your original institution. If you get admitted to your new program, and if the courses you’ve taken are a good match, you can use the credits you’ve already earned to fulfill some of the requirements for your credential.

Why transfer?

Students transfer for all kinds of reasons: some may prefer to start out living closer to home, or they’d like to save money and time. Other students may benefit from having smaller class sizes or the opportunity to improve their grades to prepare for entry to a particular program.

On average, over 54,000 students move between BC public post-secondary institutions every year. And 45% of bachelor graduates attend more than one BC public post-secondary institution! Studies show that transfer students are very satisfied with their transfer experience, and they are just as successful in their post-secondary studies as those who enter directly from high school.

Whether or not students originally plan to transfer, flexible pathways can help tem achieve their post-secondary goals.

Find your path at

At you can discover your transfer options. Check out transfer agreements for courses you’ve completed (or plan to complete) to see how they transfer to another institution.
Map out your own transfer pathway!



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