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Grow Your Career at Olds College!

There is a lot “growing on” at Olds College! 

Our programming is hands-on, versatile and sets graduates up for success in industry. You will learn from expert faculty in state-of-the-art facilities, surrounded by staff who truly want to see you succeed.  

We offer many one-of-a-kind programs in the areas of Agricultural & Ag Technology, Hospitality & Tourism Management, Brewmaster & Brewery Operations Management, Horticulture Technologist, Turfgrass Management, Farrier Science, Animal Science, Business Management, Land & Environment, Trades & Apprenticeship and so much more! 

Below is a brief description of some of our unique programs and they will all open for applications on October 1, 2020 for the Fall 2021 intake. 

 Agricultural Management  

If you are looking for a career that will help feed, clothe, house or even fuel the world you have found the right place. Olds College’s Agricultural Management diploma program gives you a comprehensive education in all aspects of agriculture. Through a mix of classroom time and hands-on experience on the Olds College farm, students work together in small classes with like-minded peers and learn from instructors who have unparalleled knowledge and experience in the agriculture industry.  Students choose to specialize in either the Agricultural Production major or the Agricommerce major. 

Agricultural Production Major - designed for students who plan to work in a production enterprise, its service providers or in the new regulatory environments as auditors and inspectors. You will develop an understanding of how consumer preferences and markets influence agricultural production. Learn about agricultural environment management and sustainability, including the study of plant systems, their dependent ecosystems, and the mechanics of soil and water management.  

Agricommerce Major - will prepare you for a career in agricultural lending, finance, marketing and sales of service products to the agriculture industry or the agricultural products destined for the consumer's plate. You will develop the skills to successfully develop business plans, marketing campaigns, sales tactics, and strategically manage an agribusiness through applying business principles to achieve goals. 

 Horticulture Technologist

Sustainability, water management, production horticulture, and urban agriculture are vital elements of the world we live in. The Horticulture Technologist Diploma provides you with a deeper understanding of horticulture, including the production and management of plants, the management of pests, landscapes, soils and water systems to achieve productive and sustainable systems. You will get to take part in Field School, where you get to work with a company to put your studies into practice, and earn a wage while you learn.You will learn about designing specialty landscapes, how to start a horticulture business and how to create an entrepreneurial approach to processing plants. You will also learn how to manage production of horticulture crops in response to market demands, as well as recognize the ecological, economic and social implications of horticulture decisions and processes. Upon successful completion of the Horticulture Technician Diploma, students have the opportunity to continue into the Bachelor of Applied Science - Horticulture, which will be a combination of online and on campus studying, along with a one year Direct Field Study. The Horticulture Bachelor of Applied Science Degree builds on learning from the diploma to provide you with knowledge and advanced technical skills. Courses in science and technology are combined with business concepts enabling you to assume positions of responsibility within a horticultural business or be your own boss and start up your own operation. Students focus on advancing their skills learned from the diploma and have the opportunity to take advantage of our outstanding facilities, which include a sprawling botanic garden, state-of-the-art managed wetlands, landscape demonstration plots and pavilion. 

This is the perfect program for those who like to learn environmental and operations management on the job. Your final year is spent out in the field working in the industry under Olds College’s unique eight-month Directed Field Study curriculum. 

Land & Water Resources 

 The Land & Water Resources program prepares its graduates for careers in land reclamation, environmental stewardship and rural planning emphasizing environmentally sustainable land management practices. Students in this program have the option of choosing from two areas of specialization. 

Land Reclamation and Remediation Major: Prepare for a career in the reclamation industry by helping to ensure disturbed or contaminated land is put back to its original state. Reclamation has become big business, especially in Alberta, B.C. and Saskatchewan. As oil and gas, mining, agricultural, forestry and urban development activities thrive all over western Canada, there are many employment opportunities waiting for you. Resource companies strive to meet government and industry regulations, which means you have the opportunity to provide the services they require. 

Environmental Stewardship and Rural Planning Major: Our population is continually growing. Along with that growth is a need for new developments in both the rural and urban areas. Skilled professionals are needed. Whether it’s a private company or municipality, you could be involved in decisions that affect the places people live along with the environment that surrounds them. Planners have the knowledge and put the plans into place which improve public and private developmental decisions. Prepare yourself for a career ensuring sustainability of the soil, water and wildlife resources amidst agriculture or land development activities. This unique major is accredited by the Canadian Association of Certified Planning Technicians (CACPT). Successful graduates are eligible for membership as Registered Technical Agrologist (R.T. Ag.).   

 Olds College has also launched two NEW programs for the Fall of 2020 in the emerging field of Agriculture Technology. At Olds College we see agriculture technology as intervention by design. Technology uses intellectual and practical resources to create technological outcomes, which expand agricultural possibilities by addressing needs and realizing opportunities that have not been seen before. With a focus on design thinking we support our students to be innovative, reflective and critical in designing new models, products, software, systems and tools to benefit agricultural production and business outcomes, while taking into account their impact on cultural, ethical, environmental and economic conditions. 

 Agriculture Technology Integration 

This dynamic NEW post-diploma certificate program is designed to provide students with an understanding of how related technologies and components interact to provide accurate information and real-time monitoring and controls to the agriculture producer. You will be provided with opportunities to recognize the connectedness of, and interactions between hardware and software to enable producers maximum uptime in the field. You will learn to link emerging technologies with existing farm infrastructure including the installation, calibration, troubleshooting and repair of precision agriculture hardware and equipment, including mechanical, hydraulic and software systems. You can expect a blended course delivery of face-to-face classes on the Olds College campus and high tech, hands-on experiences at the Olds College Smart Farm. 

Precision Agriculture - Techgronomy 

Graduates from the Diploma in Precision Agriculture - Techgronomy will be prepared for careers that necessitate a deep understanding of the connectedness of agronomy, agriculture machinery/purpose built network management, and data sciences. Students will engage in hands-on training on our Olds College Smart Farm ecosystem, focusing on integrating precision technology and agronomy and enhancing decision support systems through actionable and effective on-farm decision making. Graduates will be prepared to work in fast-paced environments where emerging technologies are constantly disrupting the industry. 

We also have a lot of other amazing programs for you to explore on our website at 

Overwhelmed by all of the choices? One of the best ways to decide if Olds College and the programs we offer are the best fit for you is to come and visit us. We have a variety of campus visit events you can participate in or you can book an individual campus tour. Check out the opportunities to visit Olds College on our website at and contact us to arrange your visit today! 

We’d love to have you come and learn more about how Olds College can help you grow your career! 

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