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Grow Your Future

Did you know there are many different job opportunities and careers available in the world of horticulture?

Horticulture is all about the art, technology, business and science of plants. Designing and installing landscapes, tree care, growing plants and greenhouse vegetable production are only a few of the opportunities in horticulture. The industry is incredibly diverse, as are the opportunities to build a career.

It’s not just about the plants! People are the most important aspect when it comes to jobs within the horticulture industry. People can be involved in all aspects of horticulture; those who work in the industry create the world we live in and the food we eat.

Landscaping is more than just mowing grass and raking leaves. Landscape designers, installers, and horticulturalists all work together to create and enhance the outdoor spaces we enjoy. From installing and maintaining recreational parks and gardens, to building and maintaining urban food gardens and green roofs, landscapers have an important role in keeping our environment safe and healthy. Someone must also grow the plants! Nursery growers use skills and technology to ensure we have ornamental plants that will look beautiful both inside and outside.

Arborists and urban foresters, knowledgeable in the structure and function of trees, work to maintain and preserve the trees in our urban forests. Imagine a world without trees! An arborist prunes and climbs trees and investigates pest and disease issues among urban trees. A consulting arborist investigates tree growth, responses to pruning, diseases, decay, and provides recommendations about whether a tree should be pruned, preserved or removed.

Greenhouse technicians are busy growing ornamental plants, vegetables and fruit. The people in the greenhouse are skilled with irrigation systems to ensure consistent watering and nutrient management. They also use technological skills to operate greenhouse environmental control systems (such as light and air flow) to enhance growing cycles. Pest management and preparing growing mediums are other important aspects. There is a big advantage to working in a greenhouse: rain or shine, you will be warm and dry.

There are so many opportunities available! If you are looking for a career where you can make a difference, use your creativity and have new experiences, horticulture needs people like you. Visit the Grow Your Future BC booth to learn more and discover the world of horticulture.

What are you waiting for, Grow Your Future today!

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