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There’s a Program for Everything at Olds College

There’s a Program for That?

Are you looking for a unique, hands-on career?

If so, then Olds College has some great options for you!


The Farrier Science Certificate  program is one of a kind. The farrier program at Olds College has a fully equipped, state-of-the art farrier lab that has been referred to as the best seen to date by American Farrier Association examiners. The farrier facility is equipped with 12 gas forges and 4 coal forges, a classroom with computers and projector, and a 16 foot workshop trailer for industry field trips. Our Farrier Science certificate program is recognized as providing the finest farriery programming in North America. It is highly recommended that you take the time to investigate the Farrier profession and to job shadow or work with a Farrier. It is important to increase your knowledge and understanding of the industry, to recognize the physical requirements of the profession, and to ensure you feel you are a suitable candidate for the program.




Whether you decide to work abroad or remain close to home the skills you acquire in the Hospitality and Tourism Management Diploma program will prepare you with a solid management focused education allowing you to be employable in many businesses around the world. Tourism HR Canada has recognized Olds College’s Hospitality and Tourism Management program as a SMART accredited program. Our program is the first in western Canada to achieve this accreditation. By leveraging our relationships with industry associations, professional organizations, and tourism operators, students will experience a diverse range of facilities and services focusing on real-life learning. From leisure, tourism, sporting events, and recreation operations, to mixology, culinary theory and everything in between, students will be immersed in applied, hands on learning.



The Olds College Meat Processing Certificate is unique in North America as it packs the whole process stream, from slaughter to retail, into 15 weeks. We teach techniques for professional meat cutting, trimming, boning, breaking, wrapping, sausage-making and curing with professional sanitation and food safety applications, including HACCP. We are Alberta’s training site for humane handling and stunning – and the only program in North America that teaches slaughter skills and techniques. We boast an extensive multi-purpose facility that is able to cater to large and small industry – from sausage making and dried, cured hams to the installation of an industrial canner. At our popular retail counter, you will learn applied retail merchandising and customer service skills in explaining the attributes and benefits of various products and cuts.




The popularity of craft brewing continues to generate growth in the brewing scene and gives the Brewmaster and Brewery Operations Management Diploma program broad spectrum appeal. Learn the art, science and the business of brewing in our 2,300 square foot dedicated brewing facility. The Brewmaster and Brewery Operations Management program provides hands-on training that includes researching and developing recipes, sourcing ingredients and conducting trial brews in our small pilot set-ups. Our retail outlet adjacent to the teaching brewery will provide you with the opportunity to connect with prospective customers. Students will receive a solid grounding in technical, analytical, and business skills developed under the direction of the Canadian Food and Wine Institute. In addition to the technical elements, students will also be taught the marketing and entrepreneurial skills that are critical for success in the world of brewing.






Olds College also offers a Turfgrass Management Diploma where students study renovation, construction, irrigation, design and water management through collaboration with faculty experts.  During the two on-campus portions of this program, students will experience hands on learning in our impressive facilities.  The unique Bank of Montreal Landscape Construction Pavilion will ensure students experience hands-on bunker or irrigation construction irrespective of the weather.  The computer controlled greenhouses and living labs enable applied turfgrass research with the support of industry partners who  supply the latest service equipment.

Students will complete three field schools (6 months in total) and three Internships (6 months in total) to put into practice their knowledge and gain valuable hands-on experiences in the Turfgrass Industry.



If working in one of these distinctive industries appeals to you, check out some of the hands-on learning opportunities that Olds College offers and come learn employable skills in our state-of-the-art facilities.


We also have a lot of other amazing programs for you to explore on our website at


Don’t forget to check out our Future Students Page for lots of helpful information about finding the right program for you and you can even create your own Custom Viewbook!


We’d love to have you come and learn more about how Olds College can help you grow your career!

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