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Five things to look at when browsing University Program Pages

We know the decision in selecting a university is deeply personal and can be complex. Let's face it--it's a big decision! We recognize it can be overwhelming, so to help, here’s a quick guide to make browsing university programs a little less overwhelming. For this guide we will be using UNBC Program Pages as an example.

1. Why at _________ University?
A number of universities do offer similar programs. This section typically highlights WHY students would choose to pursue a particular program at their school. The section points to the unique and special qualities of the program if a student chose to complete it at that specific university.

2. Quick Facts
This section is all about showcasing information quickly and gives students the granular details of the program. For example, a typical UNBC program page will highlight a number of details such as the following:

  • Degree name/category;
  • Number of credits hours to complete the program;
  • Approximate number of years to complete the degree;
  • Which campus location the program is taught;
  • Experiential learning opportunities in the program;
  • What time of year (intake) the program starts, and;
  • If the program has an Honours option.

3. Career Paths
This section provides students career path options that are associated with a program. The list is in no way exhaustive. Universities try to provide prospective students with some insight and inspiration as to what they can do with their degree post-graduation.

4. Admission Requirements
This is a very important section for prospective students to get familiar with. Admission requirements is just a fancy way to say, what courses you need to become admitted into a program. Different universities will highlight admission requirements differently. For example, UNBC highlights the requirements for both domestic (Canadian) and international students. There might also be multiple pathways to be admitted into a program. We recommend looking over this section as thoroughly as possible.

5. Tuition and Fees
We all know that post-secondary costs money and some universities will display this information on their program pages to make it convenient for students to budget for post-secondary. Depending on your status
(domestic or international) your tuition and fees may vary by program and year. Note that UNBC pages are based on a full course load (five classes) for ONE full academic year (Sept-Apr).

Download the UNBC Guide

If you have questions about UNBC Programs specifically, please feel free to reach out by attending our daily (Monday-Friday) Zoom drop-in sessions or emailing us at

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