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Georgian College

As a Georgian student, you will want to be here.

Georgian is a transformative experience that’ll connect you to the skills you need, the mindset to succeed and the confidence to thrive.

At Canada’s first and only Changemaker College, you’ll be part of an inclusive community with a passion for social innovation, changemaking and bringing ideas to life.

Students who excel at Georgian will appreciate small class sizes, connecting with faculty committed to your success, and will love living in a four-season playground.

Explore an entrepreneurial mindset, connect with state-of-the-art technology, experience real-world learning from industry leaders and make lifelong connections as part of a team.

As a Georgian graduate, you’ll be fully connected to your potential, your peers, your industry and the world.

If this sounds like you, then you are ready.

Experience Georgian and Accelerate Your Success!

Automotive Business School of Canada

The Automotive Business School of Canada was created by the automotive industry, for the industry. We train future business professionals for careers across the country.

An education like no other that provides business education, automotive industry knowledge, and experiences that drive our students to an over 90 per cent employment rate.

We offer:

  • a two-year Automotive Business diploma
  • a four-year Honours Bachelor of Business in Automotive Management degree

Both our programs include paid co-op opportunities that provide students with work experience in the automotive industry and an opportunity to explore career options. Our strong industry relationships provide our students with unique opportunities, including over $130,000 in scholarships and awards, industry-leading guest speakers, networking and experiential learning (Georgian Auto Show, Student Aftermarket Conference, industry conferences and trips to visit industry organizations).

Where will you work?

The automotive industry is one of the largest in Canada totaling over $240 billion revenue annually in 2017. The automotive industry is a very large employer directly employing over 500,000 Canadians, and it pays well. Automotive industry sectors:

  • car dealerships
  • new car manufacturers
  • aftermarket, parts and service organizations
  • partners: marketing, media, finance, technology and insurance organizations

Business professions in the automotive industry:

  • customer service, sales, service advisor, account/territory management and brand ambassadors
  • marketing, advertising, social media, product planning and customer experience
  • human resources
  • accounting
  • finance and lending
  • economics
  • all levels of management

Is the automotive industry right for me?

If you love cars or want to work in an evolving and exciting industry, you are on the right path. The automotive industry is going through a great evolution; vehicles are changing drastically, technology is adapting quickly and business practices are being rethought. There is a strong push towards vehicle automation, the connected car, the electrification of the vehicle and the new business models of sharing vehicles and online purchasing.The automotive industry is very connected and all about people. There are many conferences and networking opportunities to meet others and collaborate. They are very connected to their consumers and give back to their communities.If you enjoy a challenge, the automotive industry is looking for people with a variety of skills. You can find your place in the automotive industry and we can help get you there.

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