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So many possibilities

So many possibilities. 

Langara College strives to provide the best possible experience to each student, delivering relevant education to build a strong foundation for success. Here you will be inspired by thinkers, collaborators, and mentors who will help you get where you want to go. From informal learning opportunities to conversations after class, you will make connections that will last a lifetime.  

The College acknowledges its location on the unceded traditional territory of the Musqueam people in what was once a Musqueam village. Langara was honoured to receive a name from Musqueam in their language, snəw̓eyəɬ leləm̓, which means ‘house of teachings’. 

Are you a future Langaran? 

Our students are more than just students, they are Langarans – changemakers around the world.  

Come by our booth in Vancouver on December 9 where we will have live demonstrations of the creation of animation scenes for video games and film, professional headshots by photography, a gene sequencing DNA demo, and more! We are here to answer all your questions, including the tough ones. Grab a viewbook (or download one here: and explore all the possibilities available at Langara. 

Creativity; welcomed.  

Creative minds can choose from several credentials in the arts. Some of our most popular subject areas include animation, photography, film, fine arts, sculpture, and theatre arts. Students in these programs are encouraged to use their creativity and forge a career in the arts.  

You can do magic. 

Imagine seeing your work around the city, on large screens, on the web, or on television in your own home. Imagine designing a character that becomes someone’s new favourite!  

At Langara College, it’s possible. 

Our two-year intensive 3D animation diploma program offered by Continuing Studies equips students with the skills to thrive in one of the fastest growing global job sectors. Students work with industry-standard software and hardware under the instruction and mentorship of leading professionals and animation experts. Students gain experience in character design, environment design, compositing, texturing, rigging, rendering, game design, level design, and more.  

If 3D isn’t your thing, Langara also offers extensive diplomas in 2D animation and digital art.  

Scientific discoveries await. 

We offer a wide range of courses in science and technology, such as biology, chemistry, web and mobile app development, and more. Our Applied Research Centre provides opportunities for students to get hands-on research experience. The possibilities are endless. 

From cells to ecosystems. 

As a biology student at Langara, you will examine all aspects of living things: from the molecules that make up your cells to entire ecosystems. You will explore a broad range of biology topics and choose courses in numerous specialties, such as ecology, microbiology, and genetics. A career in biology can take you anywhere in the world from hospitals, agricultural labs, behavioral ecology to science journalism and public policy. You choose how you want to make a difference.  

Explore what it means to be human. 

For the thinkers, historians, political scientists, art historians (and so many more), studying the human condition in society is their calling.  

Whether you want to delve deep into history or explore the human psyche, we offer a variety of university-transfer programs and courses in areas such as anthropology, criminology, political science, psychology, sociology, social services, early childhood education, and more. Go ahead, explore your curiosities. 

In service of others. 

Community workers, Healthcare workers, early childhood educators, and education assistants are projected to be in high demand in the coming years. Now is a great time to get started on your career.  

Practice safely.  

Our Bachelor of Science in Nursing program is a four-year credential, completed in three years (nine consecutive semesters.) The Nursing lab is a safe environment where students have the opportunity to practice problem solving and communication skills as well as develop their ability to provide basic care and technical skills such as injections, medication administration, intravenous monitoring, and dressing care that are required by clients in various settings. Learning is enhanced through the use of numerous resources including task trainers and medium- and high-fidelity mannequins with heart, lung, and breath sounds.  













Come and meet Hal! But don’t be surprised when he talks back to you. 

The science of movement. 

Ever wonder why certain movements help the body and others do not? If you are interested in studying the dynamics of human movement, then kinesiology is the field for you.  

Our Kinesiology Program is a two-year university-transfer program that allows students to continue toward the completion of a university degree in disciplines such as kinesiology, physical education, human kinetics, or other interdisciplinary studies. Our graduates are working in the field as physiotherapists, sports coaches, athletic directors, personal trainers and more.



From finance to marketing.  

When the finance minister presents the budget, do you analyze all the numbers? Are you interested in investing? The Langara School of Business offers both university-transfer programs and degrees in areas such as business studies, commerce, and finance. Prepare for a career in accounting, business, marketing, or international business management, nutrition and food services management, and more.  

Suit and tie aren’t necessary. 

On Campus.  

Our College is centrally located in Vancouver, Canada – a city consistently recognized as one of the most beautiful and livable places in the world. Enjoy world-class dining, theatre, shopping, and entertainment with incomparable opportunities for outdoor fun and healthy living.  Make friends outside class by joining a club, participating in intramural sports, volunteering, or attending special events such as campus BBQs, film nights, Studio 58 shows, and workshops.  

For seasoned professionals. 

Our Continuing Studies programs offer seasoned professionals an opportunity to update their skillsets or forge a pathway to a new career. Choose from over 40 courses in areas such as Business, Health, Computer Technology and more. 


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