1. SIGN UP PAGE - Exhibitors can generate leads by creating a ‘sign up’ page on their opportunities tab where student consent could be requested to have their contact details shared with them. To encourage students to fill out these forms or sign-up for activities, exhibitors are encouraged to have some sort of prize/discount code that the students earn after completing the activity.  Sample of a Google Form
  2. SURVEY – Surveys are a great way to obtain valuable feedback from attendees.  Tailor your survey to reflect high school students. This could be a custom-builtsurveyor try a gamification activity so participants can learn more about your programs.  Survey Tool 
  3. POLL/QUIZ – Ifyou have a seminar and/or video, offering a poll at the end of the presentation with a link, will help you get to know your audience better. The poll can have questions based on the presentation. Polling Tool 
  4. NEWSLETTER SIGN-UP – As simple as a “Sign-up to our newsletter!” How to add a Signup Form 
  5. SEND ME MORE INFORMATION FORM – In case your organization does not have a CRM, a simple contact form created using Google Forms is a great way to stay connected. You can inform attendees about this via your chat or listed under the ‘Opportunities’ button.  One can use the same type of form mentioned above in #1. 
  6. VIRTUAL CAMPUS TOUR – Take advantage of the Links button within your virtual booth. List the URL (link) for your institutions virtual tour in this area and ask students to visit.  The link will take them directly to the virtual tour, we suggest adding a CRM/Form to this page so you can learn more about who visited. In addition, obtain information and try and maintain contact after the fair. 
  7. SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION – If your organization offers scholarships or any tuition fee reductions, you can have an electronic application form on your website so students can fill it out straight-away.  We recommend placing this lead generator under your ‘Opportunities’ section.  
  8. PUSH NOTIFICATIONS  Push notifications are a great way to drive attendees to different areas in your virtual booth and create an opportunity to collect information. Try using push notifications within your Public Chat.  For example: “Want to learn more about our university, leave us a message on our mailbox!” Or “Visit our opportunity section to enter a chance to win a free sweater!” Another great way to get your message out to all attendees is by adding a push notification to the virtual platform. Contact the ECF team to find out more details about this.



  1. Interact and have conversations with the students instead of redirecting them to the website. 
  2. Exhibitors can continue to encourage students to visit their opportunities tab with frequent messages via their public chat. 
  3. Send prompt responses – If you are busy with someone else, we suggest sending a predetermined message in the private chat saying, ‘I am chatting with another student right now but if you leave me your email address, I will get in touch soon!’