TERMS OF PAYMENT: 100% of all invoiced amounts shall be paid within two (2) weeks of invoiced date unless there is another written agreement or specification in the Registration. Invoices shall be due immediately in full in case they are issued in less than thirty (30) days prior to the event date(s). Exhibitor irrevocably authorizes ECF, at its sole discretion and with thirty (30) days written notice to the Exhibitor, to apply part or all funds received by ECF under the signed contract(s) to the payment or payments due on any other contract, now or hereafter existing between the Exhibitor and ECF including but not limited to contracts for exhibit space, advertising space or direct marketing services. The Exhibitor will have the option to pay ECF in the methods of credit card (subjected to a 4% processing fee), Wire Transfer, or cheque until the due date on the invoice. After the due date, ECF will only accept immediate credit card payments from The Exhibitor.

CANCELLATION: Any amount retained by ECF or payable by Exhibitor upon termination of the contract shall be retained or collected, as the case may be, as liquidated damages. These cancellation conditions will also apply in the case of exhibit space reduction. 100% refund of exhibit rental available within thirty (30) days of invoice receipt for the applicable event. All cancellations/withdrawals to be received by ECF in writing within the 30 day limit. A 25% cancellation fee will apply up to 6 months before the event. No refunds after this date. ECF reserves the right to reā€sell any items and/or booths. The cancelation shall be deemed to be legally binding only if ECF also gives its consent in writing. ECF Management reserves the right to re-sell any Sponsorship & Advertising items and/or Exhibit booth selections without notice in the event of your organization cancelling an entire or portion of your registration.

FORCE MAJEURE: If the event is cancelled for any extraordinary event or circumstance beyond the control of ECF Management such as war, strike, crime, right, communicable disease, or an event described by the legal term act of war, a refund will be returned to the exhibitor.